Maimonides (1138-1204), or Rambam in Hebrew, was a leading Rabbinic authority, codifier, and is considered the greatest Jewish philosopher of all times. In his magnum opus, The Guide to the Perplexed, he recommends a meditative focus to receive Divine Inspiration and Providence. He emphasizes the necessity of interpreting the Divine Influx by utilizing both cognitive analytical type thinking (what we call today left brain type thinking) and intuitive imaginative (right brain type thought processing). His meditative guidance in Guide to the Perplexed part III, chapters 51-52 opens with a parable of trying to enter the Sultan’s Palace. Some people simply are pointed in the wrong direction or don’t even know there is a palace. Others make their way to the doors, but not past the guards.
Only a select few enter the presence of the Master who in this analogy controls the flow of the entire universe. Maimonides provides guidance how to enter the Palace and receive Guidance and Inspiration. His technique in ch. 51 begins with hitbodedut meditation, namely quieting the external sensory input and settling the mind.

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