Learn How to Meditate Effectively & Joyfully. Meditation is a Skill. You can learn it. Jewishly.

Our Jewish Meditation Center is located in Jerusalem in David’s Village (between Mamilla and Yemin Moshe, near Jaffa Gate).

What would you like to gain from the workshop? Please check off:

  1. Apply meditation to my daily life
  2. Explore classical Jewish meditation sources
  3. Freedom from tension & unnecessary worries, inner peace & serenity
  4. Wellness & Wellbeing, joy & happiness
  5. Spiritual, emotional and moral growth and development
  6. To add a Jewish dimension to my meditation skills

Sign up now at Send us your phone number and we will get back to you ASAP. If you are abroad, you can order recorded guided meditations in our store and set up private sessions by Zoom.

Which topics interest you from the list below?

Seven Session Introductory Course in Jewish Meditation

  1. Quieting the Mind – the Admor of Piaseczner
  2. Maimonides’ Meditative Guidance
  3. Rav Kook – Listening to the Song of the Neshama
  4. Radiating Love for Healing
  5. Hassidic Mindfulness & Eating
  6. Contemplation of Colors and Tekhelet
  7. R. Hayim Vital‘s Meditative techniques & Lucid Dreaming

Additional Topics and Techniques in Jewish Meditation

  1. Kabbalat Shabbat Kabbalit
  2. Light & Fire Contemplation (Hanukah)
  3. Tree Meditation and Ten Sefirot
  4. Smile & Inner Joy Meditation
  5. Freedom from worries meditation
  6. SoulMate Meditation
  7. Transcending to the Source of Thought & Devekut
  8. Pereq Shirah and Nature Contemplation
  9. Using Reb Shlomo Carlebach Tunes for Meditation
  10. Benevolence Meditation & R. Moshe Cordevero’s Tomer Devorah
  11. R. Nahman of Bretzlav: Hitbodedut and Happiness