Admor of Piaseczno

Synopsis: The “Quieting Technique” of the Admor of Piaseczno is a “user friendly” meditative method for transforming a “cluttered” mind into a peaceful inner state of awareness, thereby creating “space” to sense Divine Inspiration. The Admor suggests letting thoughts flow spontaneously etameditation) and non-attached, non-judgmental observation of inner ruminations and sensations (meta-cognition).

The method is to enter gently into a “near dream state”. He uses the metaphor of a broomstick that sweeps away the mundane stream of thoughts that preoccupy the mind, and thus facilitate a heightened ability for tranquil introspection, mental imagery and inner awareness. From the perspective of modern meditation research, this means reducing irrelevant synaptic clutter and disengaging from common modes of attention by entering a hypnagogic state. The Admor’s goal is to develop a soft form of non-ego focus creating room for a taste (1/60th) of prophetic inspiration.

Price: $19.00