Meditation is a skill. You can learn it.

JMIJ is the product of experimentation of over 35 years about how to meditate effectively using principles from meditation research and neuropsychology. Our goal is to make the practical secrets of Jewish Meditation available to you wherever you are. We have adapted specific meditative tools such as deep breathing, quieting the mind, focusing awareness and mindfulness to serve different purposes such as physical health, emotional wellness and spiritual well being. We offer taped recordings, booklets and guided instructions to enable you to use meditation to bring more serenity, joy and love to yourself and the people around you.

JMIJ offers you a way of learning Jewish meditation that is suited to your needs and interests, to help you meet the challenges in your life with more joy and love. Each student is given instructions on how to develop a personal practice, use Jewish “mantras”, and structure an effective meditative practice. For advanced students we offer teacher training via Skype (Skype name: jewishmeditation) leading to certification as instructors of Jewish Meditation.